About Us

Who We Are

Our mission statement is as follows

Twosome Tees, LLC is a group of Families and Friend who wish to bring Togetherness to the World. It is our belief that Togetherness is not a mere concept, but that it is an innate human quality that is evoked through a display of its expression.

Twosome Tees.com is the portal through which Individuals, Families, Student Groups, Bands, Small Businesses, Corporations, Reunions, and others may Join Together with their common Message and show their affiliation with each other under the canopy of Togetherness, and, in turn, promote the interconnectivity of all people through the innovative Patented Method of Messaging licensed to Twosome Tees, LLC.
We strive to live by the Golden Rule: To treat everyone as we would want to be treated.

Our Team is comprised of

JK, our Managing Director, Chief, Cook, Bottle Washer, Inventor of Twosome Tees and founder of Twosome Tees, LLC. At his day job, he practices transactional law in Palm Beach County, Florida. At other times, he writes music and plays guitar, sometimes with the Country-Rock-Blue Grass Band, The Tucker Brothers.

Our Artist in Residence is Sam Laine. Talented far beyond her young years, her artistry enlivens our website – just look at that Home Page- Wow! For more, visit her Gallery at www.wishreign.com.

Nadine Destiny, our Fulfillment Director and a natural communicator who is ready, willing, and able to see that your order is produced quickly, and who will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the ordering process.

Our Director of Marketing is Charlie Taylor. His experience as a professional photographer and unbounded enthusiasm for our product are evident in his work on this website and his tactical approach to our Journey.

Happy@TwosomeTees.com. We’re all Happy at Twosome Tees.com. And who wouldn’t be with such a great product and such a great purpose? A real person will answer your questions, provide information, and otherwise make you feel right at home.